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Everglades Holiday Park Improvements

Project Information

Address: 21940 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Contract: $12,000,000

Client: Broward County Parks and Recreation

Responsibility: General Contractor

Contact: Mauricio Sigal Title: Project Manager

Phone: (305) 608-8467

Email: [email protected]

The 29 acre park is a high volume attraction known worldwide. As one of the most visited in Broward County’s system, it is a top destination of cruise line and hotel tourist excursions and a major access point for fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities in the Florida Everglades.

Completion required detailed phasing and coordination to ensure uninterrupted operation of the park’s concession and visitor safety.

New construction included:

  • Public boat ramp area including 3 double boat ramps with 240 feet floating boat launch docks
  • Public 160 foot floating fishing and boater courtesy dock
  • 525 feet of floating dock supporting the park’s airboat and jon boat operations
  • Shoreline stabilization with rip rap throughout and sheet pile in marina area
  • Sheet pile reinforcement of Army Corps floodwall
  • Decorative elements including custom fabricated railings, concrete site furnishings, color concrete sidewalks, drives and patios, and custom fiber cement board fencing
  • Sitewide stormwater management including raising the average grade of the site and new drainage system
  • Fire pump protection system and related water main supporting new sitewide hydrants and dock fire hoses
  • Four new buildings including: two support buildings, restroom building, corporate shelter
  • New utilities including electric, potable water service, and a lift station with sewer force main
  • Two new irrigation systems supporting extensive new sitewide landscaping
  • Asphalt and grass parking areas